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Custom Commercial Standard Offer

Program Description

Oncor provides incentives to Service Providers who install approved energy efficiency measures in business, government, nonprofit, and worship facilities in Oncor's service area.

These energy-saving projects must be approved by Oncor prior to starting. Once completed, Oncor verifies the savings, and the Service Providers receive incentive payments based on the project's actual savings.

Service Providers

Service Providers can include:

  • National or local energy service companies (ESCOs)
  • National or local companies that provide energy-related services and products (consultants, contractors, and equipment providers)
  • Individual customers that implement energy efficiency measures in their own facilities
  • Retail electric providers

Any listing of Energy Efficiency Service Providers available from this website is not associated with or endorsed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas or Oncor. Oncor is not a party to the agreement between the consumer and the Service Provider. The Service Provider is solely responsible for the performance of the work and contract fulfillment.

Eligibility Requirements

The selection of the energy efficiency measures and projects is at the discretion of the individual and his Service Provider, with final approval required by Oncor before the project begins.

  • Business, government, nonprofit, and worship facilities must be located in Oncor's service area and serviced by an Oncor electric meter.
  • Eligible projects must achieve at least $500 in deemed savings incentives to be eligible for the Basic Commercial Program or $10,000 in measured and verified savings to be eligible for the Custom Commercial Program.

Facility Examples

  • School Districts
  • Municipal Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Establishments
  • Manufacturing Sites

Program Examples

  • Lighting Projects
  • Cooling Projects
  • Air Compressor Projects
  • Biomass Projects
  • Chiller Projects
  • Data Center Uninterruptable Power Supply Projects
  • Data Center Server Virtualization Projects
  • Geothermal Equipment Projects
  • Injection Molding Projects
  • Motor Projects
  • Solar Photovoltaic Projects
  • Thermal Storage Projects
  • Other Defined Projects

Incentives and Savings

Incentives are available for both new construction and retrofit projects.

All incentives are paid on verified kW and kWh savings and, in some instances, the savings are verified through a measurement and verification process.

There are a number of projects that have assigned deemed savings values and therefore don't require measurement and verification. These deemed savings are a predetermined estimate of demand and energy savings that are approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. Currently, 17 types of cooling projects and nine types of lighting projects have deemed savings assigned and do not require measurement and verification if they are installed to the required specifications.

The Service Provider has the option to perform a complete measurement and verification study or use deemed savings values for these projects. Oncor must approve the applicability of deemed savings before the project begins.

Contact Information for Participation

Phone: 1.866.728.3674
E-mail: eecustinfo@oncor.com

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