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Government Facilities Program

Program Description

Oncor’s Government Facilities Program (GFP) was created to help city and county governments reduce energy use and expenditures through energy efficiency upgrade projects. The no-cost program is available to local government entities in Oncor’s service area.

Oncor’s GFP helps organizations minimize the impact of volatile energy costs, ease budget pressures, and improve infrastructure by transforming how they think and act toward energy use. It educates organizations on energy management, bridges the communication gap between energy managers and finance officials, and provides technical and communications assistance to evaluate opportunities and publicize successes.

Services of the Program

  • Analyze electric, natural gas, and other utility data for the Government Partner and deliver a Benchmarking Report for the partner’s facilities
  • Help develop an Energy Master Plan that outlines administrative and financial decision-making criteria for energy efficiency improvements, installation of energy efficiency measures, and maintenance and operation procedures necessary to implement a cost-effective energy program in a timely manner
  • Provide engineering support to identify and assess capital-intensive energy projects which will produce energy cost savings
  • Provide financial incentives to buy down the capital cost of energy-efficient systems and to enable the Government Partner to complete capital projects

Guidelines and Eligibility Requirements

Qualifying Measures

The Program will consider a variety of energy efficiency measures. Examples of eligible projects include:

  • Lighting: Replacing inefficient fluorescent fixtures.
  • Motors: Replacing standard efficiency motors with premium efficiency motors, including adding a variable frequency drive on the motor.
  • HVAC: Replacing air conditioning equipment with higher efficiency equipment.
  • Window Film: Installing energy-saving window film.
  • Roofing: Installing "cool roof" technology that reflects the sun's rays, reducing the HVAC load.

Incentives & Deemed Savings

Incentives vary between $69-$251 per kW and $0.02-$0.08 per kWh, depending on measure type. Incentives are paid on a first come, first served basis until the annual budget is exhausted. Incentives are calculated using the deemed energy savings figures from the Texas Public Utilities Commission. Payment amounts vary with the size of the project.

Contact Information for Participation

Please contact Oncor’s Government Facilities Program Manager, John Hanel, at 214-486-5886 or john.hanel@oncor.com to learn more about this program and the Program Implementer.

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