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What is the Residential Load Management Program?

This program can help you save money and lower energy usage during occasional periods when energy demand is unusually high during the summer months. Oncor pays incentives to participating Retail Electric Providers (REP) who work with residential customers who own Smart Thermostats to offset high summer energy demand.

The summer on-peak demand period falls between 1 pm to 7 pm Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, June through September, excluding weekends and federal holidays.

Before you get started, we want to make sure you qualify.

Residential Load Management Program Qualifications:

Your home must be located in Oncor’s service area and receive electricity from an Oncor meter. Not sure if you qualify, click here to check your eligibility.

The residence must have a Smart Thermostat installed that can be controlled remotely by the REP’s in the event that demand needs to be reduced. For Oncor’s load management program, REP’s will not receive incentives for control of the thermostat outside of high-demand period.

Participating REPs must have customer authorization for release of demand data through terms of service agreements, contract language, or a letter of authorization.

Sound like you? Then let’s get down to business and start saving!

To get started, email energyefficiency@oncor.com and mention that you are interested in participating in residential load management. They will direct you to the necessary enrollment process.

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