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What is the Residential Solar Program?

Oncor provides incentives to participating service providers who install photovoltaic systems on homes in Oncor’s service area. The incentives help offset the initial investment cost to help customers, like you, see a faster return. Oncor's programs typically run from January through November on an annual basis.

Before you get started, we just want to make sure you qualify.

Residential Solar Program Qualifications:

Homes must have Oncor as their electric delivery provider. Only home owners may participate. New home construction projects are not eligible.

The incentives for residential solar photovoltaic systems are dependent on the size, azimuth and other factors of your installed system. Your selected service provider will help calculate incentives for the system. You can contact your retail electric provider for information about any credit you could qualify for based on any excess generation that your system may produce.

The solar photovoltaic system must meet the following requirements:

  • System must be new. Sites with existing solar arrays are not eligible to participate in the program
  • Solar array azimuth should be 90 to 270 degrees
  • Tilt angle should be between 0 (horizontal) and latitude + 15 degrees
  • The customer must sign an Interconnection Agreement with Oncor
  • Minimum system size is 1 kW DC
  • Maximum system size is 15 kW DC

Sound like you? Then let’s get down to business and start saving!

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